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We at EngageGames
believe that:

games bring family, friends, and people

from all over, together; cultivating a

community that spends quality time in

each others company, sharing stories,

laughs, and sharpening each others wit

and critical thinking. Games make us better, through clever insights shared, and more often than not, by being taught a lesson, we grow and gain strategic advantages in our perspectives and how we'll engage our next challenges.

Our challenges, off the game board, that we need your help to overcome are: housing the homeless, uplifting the marginalized, and empowering the underprivileged. There is a wide spectrum of reasons why our fellow brothers and sisters end up on the street, incarcerated and in shelters. The aim of EngageGames is to become a secure stream of revenue toward providing resources and homes for those in need. We are offering 12% of all profits from each game sold toward finding both short and long term goals in restoring our brothers and sisters by building a safe and equitable community. 

Your purchase of any game will not only give you endless hours of fun and enjoyment with your friends and family, it will become a tangible and immensely appreciated step toward others sharing in the same experience of getting to sit around a warm table with other smiling faces. 

We thank you for helping us reach and achieve our goals. Together we can be a source of change to bring balance back to the game of life, for all! 


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Egyhop is one of the first Featured Non-Profits We'll be Supporting. Click on their ICon to learn more.

Contact Us if you have a cause that you feel is in alignment with our goals and we may feature your organization and help support you!